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Dragonfly Acres is located on a little Oasis in Odenton! All of the animals reside on our personal property. We live on a modest 5 acres, a perfect size for our tiny little farm. Our Interactive 1.5 -Hour Mini Farm Tours are catered to everyone that has a love of animals, a thirst for knowledge and perhaps not afraid to get their boots a little muddy!

Our small visitation program is designed to create an awareness about farm animals, their nutrition & care, husbandry and behavior. Dragonfly Acres is a strong advocate of education to empower everyone to make better choices, practice compassion and develop empathy for all living creatures.

This is a family run business endeavor! Our animals want to earn their keep, by bringing a little bit of happiness to others. The funds from our tours, birthday parties & events, help feed the animals, continue necessary upkeep to the farm, as well as keeping the animals healthy with up to date  veterinary care & hoof care.


So, from the bottom of our hearts and the animals' bellies, we thank you for the support!


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